Kitchen Sink Snake

Kitchen Sink Snake
(Residential & Commercial)

Kitchen sink drain services are the most common service calls that plumbers receive. 

Sink openings are designed to protect the pipes falling objects. Therefore, sinks cannot be snaked from above without removing the P-Trap. It is extremely important not to break the pipes during this process.

Consider the following best practices to prevent damaging your pipelines before trying to break up the blockage:

Do NOT attempt unclogging a sink using a plunger if you have already poured chemical cleaner into the sink. 
The hazardous material can quickly splash onto your skin while you use the plunger!

Why ARAS Plumbing?

Our licensed sewer experts are dedicated professionals who will ensure that debris and residue is not building up in the pipes.

They will remove all clogs or obstructions to eliminate all elements that are posing danger to the drain system. A professional sewer cleaning will resolve all backup drain problems before they cause serious and dangerous blockages.

Kitchen & Shower Drain Snake Aurora, ON

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