Main Water Line Upgrade

Main Water Line Upgrade
(Residential & Commercial)

Aras Plumbing is experienced at water service replacements and upgrades. Our professional and licenced technicians will complete the installation and upgrades for you. The City of Toronto may request that you replace your water lines from galvanized and lead pipes to copper pipes when they replace the water meters across the city.

The new water meter connections are copper, and the city is asking for the change to copper pipe to ensure that there is no leak at the connections from the new water meter. Another reason for the change is that lead content in water is a health concern and upgrading your water service can provide you with the convenience of increased water pressure.

Aras Plumbing can assist you with Toronto main water line service upgrades and you can rely on the expertise of our technicians and plumbers.

Main Water Valve Replacement

In mega city such as Toronto, everyone is on municipal water which is also called City Water. The water comes through underground lines into your home from the city side. At the inside front wall of the home, water disperses to the other fixtures of your home. You might have experienced lower water pressure in comparison to other times. 

One of the main reasons of lower water pressure that there is too much resistance when the water travels from the city side into your home. This resistance is from having a smaller diameter water line than required. A lot of people have ½” diameter water lines, while it is ideally preferred to be ¾”.

In addition to the increase in water pressure, the main reason the city is requiring a water service replacement is to replace lead pipes with copper pipes, as lead can compromise your health. 

Homes built before the 1950s most likely have lead pipes running into their plumbing system. The use of lead was prohibited in the mid-1950s by the Ontario Plumbing Code once its dangers were recognized.

The replacement of only one section of your lead water system will not fully eliminate the risk of lead in your drinking water. Aras Plumbing can assist you with Toronto main water line service replacement as well as main water valve replacement. You can rely on the expertise of our technicians and plumbers to get the work done properly.

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