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Toilet Installation & Replacement
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Aras Plumbing can help with if your toilet is wobbly, crooked, or causing a water leak. Call us if your toilet is having problems flushing, runs constantly or has ghost flushes. We can repair or replace all brands of toilets. 

We carry valves, floats, and other components for all major toilet brands of toilets so that your repair or replacement can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even if the seat is broken or cracked, our plumbers always carry a replacement to install for you.

Toilet Flange Repair

Homeowners should be aware of toilet flange function to make sure it is working properly, and to be able to tell when it is time to call in the plumber. Broken, loose, or improperly installed toilet flanges can lead to a leak from the bottom which in turn has the risk of flooding, water damage, or release of unwanted sewage and gases into your bathroom. 

To avoid potentially major structural damage to your home it is important that you put the toilet flange on your maintenance checklist. Aras Plumbing can help you with your flange repairs or replacement.

The toilet flange is the mechanical connection between the toilet drain and the home’s drainage system. It is important that this connection is not broken or improperly fitted. It functions as a stabilizing floor mount for the toilet.

The flange can be made of a PVC, copper, steel, or brass pipe which is paired with a metal or plastic ring that bolts it to the bathroom floor. Using a wax ring, it is then sealed to the drain of your toilet to prevent leakage.

We recommend a regular check of the area around the toilet for any indications flange issues. 

If you notice any of the above-mentioned indicators and need help diagnosing the cause, Aras Pluming professional team is ready to help.

How to Replace a Toilet Flange?

The best way to replace a toilet flange is to have a licensed professional get it done for you to avoid any problems down the line. 

We always carry all the proper tools and parts, and we ensure that all parts fit properly and that all bolts are secure and tight. We follow the steps below for the toilet flange replacement:

Why ARAS Plumbing?

Our team of licensed professionals have the experience and expertise to inspect, diagnose, and repair any issue with your toilet flange.
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