Custom & Modern Houses, Additions, Extensions, Renovations & Other Residential Plumbing Services.​

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Affordable plumbing services for Restaurants, Medical & dental offices and other retail/business locations.

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Repair & Upgrade

Full Water Line, Sump Pumps & Toilet Repair, Replacement and Upgrade Services

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Got A Drain Problem?
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Explore our Services & Solutions We are Available for 24/7 & Emergency Plumbing Services

Our friendly staff are polite, professional, insured and are always ready to assist you with your plumbing needs. From a simple job such as opening a clogged sink to more complicated jobs such as roughing a whole plaza or custom house we are ready and on time to finish your job as fast and as clean as possible.
At Aras Plumbing ltd we always care about our clients and we value their comments about our services, if you would like to leave us a comment please feel free to contact.

We are honest, behave ethically and act with integrity.


We deliver cost-effective, sustainable products and services.


We maintain high standards of quality control and audit our performance regularly.

our services

We install, repair and maintain plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings.

We make time to learn about each client’s specific needs and tailor our services accordingly, it’s our way of raising the bar in plumbing industry.

Drain Cleaning

Our team at Aras Plumbing are happy to assist you with all of your clogged drain needs.

Toilet Setup

We carry valves, floats, and other components for all major toilet brands for a quick & efficient work.

Faucet Maintenance

We help you repair, replace or install a new faucet or any other plumbing fixtures. Free Consultation is available.

Water Line Upgrade

Aras Plumbing can assist you with Toronto main water line service upgrades and you can rely on the expertise of our technicians and plumbers.

Sump Pump Services

We assist you with sump pump installation in your basement or business location. Free On-Site Cost Estimation Available.

Kitchen Sink Snake

We remove all clogs or obstructions to eliminate all elements that are posing danger to the drain system.

Our Testimonial
I am absolutely impressed with the Aras Plumbing Ltd , service. I need to praise Aras Plumbing commitment and especially Pourya extensive knowledge in his industry. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent company. Reliable, and highly professional.
Sepehr Abedi
Sepehr Abedi
professional and experienced team. Highly recommend Aras Plumbing for all your plumbing projects
Milad IB
Milad IB
Pourya is very professional, reasonable and a pleasure to work with. We hired him and his team to help out on a project and were very satisfied. Would definitely work with them again in the future.
Hamed Sh
Hamed Sh
Our Team
is very expert to help

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